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Great Knights, Medieval Gallery Collection by Ray Lamb. Perth Pewter, Fantasy Pewter, sculptures.Perth Pewter, Figurines & Figures, Fantasy collections.
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There are different stories surrounding Mordred. In Arthurian legend, he is alternately portrayed as nephew to King Arthur and as his bastard son. Mordred is the ultimate villainous traitor, having married Guinevere and usurping Arthur's throne while the King is away at battle. Artist Ray Lamb successfully captures Mordred's spirit for this Perth Pewter sculpture.

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Mordred, The Great Knights, Medieval Gallery Collection, by Ray Lamb. Fantasy Pewter Knights Mythology from Perth Pewter

Mordred, Great Knights, Medieval Gallery Collection by Ray Lamb. Fantasy Pewter Knight by Perth Pewter, Fantasy Pewter, sculptures. Perth Pewte. Figurines & Figures, Fantasy collections Perth Pewter, Fantasy Pewter, sculptures.

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