Mill Creek Studios, Wildlife, Sea life, American Indian, Native American, western, Sculptures, Statues. Mill Creek Studios figurines. 10% Buyer Coupon. Mill Creek Studios Artists: Stephen Herrero, Randall (Randy) Reading, Joe Slockbower, Danny (D. D.) Edwards, Jim Biesinger, Greg Peltzer, Mill Creek Studio,s sculptures & statues.

Mill Creek Studios sculptures & statues, wildlife & American Indian Art Collection.

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In 'Beautiful' Castaic Lake, California.

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Mill Creek Studios
Mill Creek Studios sculptures & statues: wildlife & American Indian Arts collection.

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Mill Creek Studios is joining forces with Wild Wings, of Minnesota the finest collection of wildlife art available in the market today. The ship date has been changed on all orders to 11-17-2014. Pre order now.

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Limited Editions

Danny Edwards

Danny is recognized as one of the most provocative and sensitive western sculptors working today. His storytelling ability brings these pieces to life for the viewer. Every piece Danny sculpts shares his own story-but offers a profound metaphor of reality for each of us. The pride of owning a Danny Edwards Limited Edition sculpture is a joy to be passed on to family and friends for generations to come.

Danny Edwards

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