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Kachina Dancers

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Kachina Dancers Collection The remaining Set

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Ahote, Kachina Dancers, by Christopher Pardell, Legends Studios Fine Art Sculptures by Starlite Originals

Proudly Made in U.S.A.

"Ahote" Kachina
  by Christopher Pardell, Legends Studios Fine Art Sculptures by Starlite Originals Pewter & Mixed Media. Western, American Indian, Wildlife and Contemporary Art Statuary.

9" heigh. 
Le Number #
66 / of 2500
Limited to: 2,500 pc's.

$ 495.00

Free Shipping Lower 48 States.

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Ahote Kachina by Christopher Pardell, Legends Kachina Dancers Native American Collection Limited to 2,500 pc's. Issued January 1991.

Color brochure with all the stories will accompany the collection.

A true symbol of the Hopi and Zuni spiritual life, Kachinas are believed to be supernatural beings with vast powers to confer prosperity in the form of abundant harvest. Living part of the year disembodied spirits in their own land, they leave their homes and travel to the world of mortals upon the arrival of the winter solstice. Taking up residence within the bodies of men, they remain there until the Niman Kachina festival in July.

"Around here our crops and our plants are growing poorly. You will come soon to bring them drink
When they have grown . . . when . . . the little ones taste them they will surely be happy.
Therefore, you will come soon to bring us drink."
-The Kachina Fathers

Ahote, (or A'Hote) is also an extremely popular Kachina because of his well-liked songs. He appears as a group in the ordinary Kachina dances and sometimes in the Niman.

Once seen with a buckskin kilt and silver belt coupled with presence of the yellow triangle on his face, the dance of this colorful Kachina forecasts the flowers of spring. Therefore, the symbols between his eyes and on his forehead are said to be those of flowers.

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