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* About Repairing of your sculptures*

Repairing of your damaged pewter, bronze or mix media metal sculptures

Over time we have been approached about repairs to Chilmark, or Lance figurines. Due to the fact that these companies have closed we could not refer you to them for repairs.
With similarities in workmanship and quality we approached Starlite Originals, or Legends Studios as a lot of you known them for 25 years. They are willing to do repairs on all pewter, bronze or mixed media metal sculptures.
We will give you all the information possible to get in touch with them. We are doing this as part of our customer service and would please not like to get involved with all the details.

From Starlite Originals:

Our policy with repairs currently works as follows:

1. Customer can send us a picture of the piece for our review. We normally need to see the piece before we can determine if it can be fixes and give a quote.

2. Once it is determined that we can fix the piece, it can be shipped to Starlite Originals for repair. Customer pays for freight both ways.

3. Once we receive the piece we will contact you with our quote to fix the piece. At that point the customer can choose to move forward and have it fixed or have the piece returned to them unfixed.

4. Depending on how complex the repair, it normally takes between 2 - 4 weeks.

Repairs normally range $75 - $200. It all depends on what needs to be done and the complexity of the job.

To get an item repaired, please contact Natalie at:  or 1-323-488-9103 ext 117. \In California.

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