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The Chronicles of Krystonia  by the Krystonia Studios

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Krystonia Introduction

"Chronicles of Krystonia" , Novel I in the Tales of Krystonia.

 by authors Beau Dix and Mark Scott

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We have exhausted the combined resources of the libaries of Oxford University, Cambridge University and the books at Keele University for our translation of the Krystonian Parchments. The translation has required certain literary licsense: i.e. 'A day is a day',' 'Snow is snow,' and a Hagga-beast is absolutely terrible.

Beau Dix and Mark Scott April 1987.

I am Kephren, the recorder of the tales of the past and the deeds of the present. Age has brought a stiffness to my joints which prevents me wandering any great distance form my home in the Forest ogf Keldorran. In weather such as this it is better that I throw another log on the fire, draw up close to it's warmth, and continue with my work - snow is best enjoyed from the comfort of a fireside when you reach my age. Thankfully, my home in the hollow trunk of an ancient Keldorr tree has stood firm against the winds far more winters than I have seen or am likely to ever see . . .       And the tale begins . . .

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