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Krystonia III  by the Krystonia Studios

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Krystonia Introduction

"Krystonia III" Novel III in the Tales of Krystonia.

 by authors Pat Chandock, Dave Woodard and Mark Scott

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Krystonia, Book III, Krystonia Fantasy Collections By Dave Woodard. Precious Art collectables, Panton Studios Fantasy Figurines, Figures.

Krystonia III

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Not so long ago, the maps of our Earth showed vast tracts of blank, uncharted land. these lands, many of which we recognize today as great continents, were places of mystery, of darkness and of fear. Tales brought home by daring explorers, or sailors blown off coarse by freak weather, were all that was known of them.

it was late one warm afternoon, when I had taken a short break from my manuscripts and was indulging in a little relaxing stretching, when the a shadow suddenly fell across my parchment and made me look up with a start. Shard, a young female dragon, stood looking quizzically down at my drawing. "It's just a quick doodle," I explained, hoping that she would be astute enough to realize that I was not seeking an opinion, especially an unsolicited one, concerning y artistic failings.   "Oh, I think it's quite good . . ." 

I feigned a smile. The word 'quite' can really sting . . .

Krystonia fantasy collection, Precious Art collectables & Panton Studios by Dave Woodard. Figurines & Figures, Fantasy collections.

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