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"Great Horned Owl"
 Great horned owl w/ books by Kaiser Studios, Kaiser porcelain by artist A. Belcari of Italy. Collection of Wildlife sculptures, figurines & statues.
Approx. 9 1/4" h.    order #  102 - KAZ
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Great Horned Owl on Books, Kaiser porcelain by A. Belcari

Great Horned Owl on Books

Great horned owl from Kaiser porcelain by A. Belcari of Italy

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Great horned owl on books sculpture cast in fine cultured porcelain by the Kaiser Studios. This piece was sculpted by artist A. Belcari of Italy in the early 1990's. The issue closed in 1994. Cast in a blend of porcelain and high impact resin, the piece is very durable and takes handling extremely well. This is item is hand finished to high detail and is in perfect condition.  Very stable and displays at virtually any angle or height very well. The piece will also come with its original boxing.

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Great horned owl on books, Kaiser porcelain

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