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Mill Creek Studios Wildlife sculptures, Rawcliffe Fantasy Pewter Figurines

Mill Creek Studios Sculptures

Mill Creek Studios, Wildlife Sculptures & Statues

Fine Collectables

Since 1984

In 'Beautiful' Lake Castaic, California

An  Authorized  Full Service Collector Center Dealer.

Mill Creek Studios, Wildlife, American Indian Sculptures

Mill Creek Studios Sculptures

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Rawcliffe Studios Pewter Dragons, Wizards & Fantasy Figurines

Rawcliffe Studios Pewter Fantasy Collections, Figurines

Rawcliffe Pewter Studios

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Collections by Munro Collectables

Starlite Originals Collections.

This is a 'Graphics Rich' site! Patience may be required for some.

Dragonsite, FairySite Collections by Munro Collectables, Fairy, Dragons by Munro Collectables Angels Around Us,  Angel of Teaching, Angel Collection by Munro Collectables
Legends Studios Sculptures by Starlite Originals, Christopher Pardell. Kitty's Critters by Starlite Originals

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December 20, 2011


Dragonsite, FairySite Collections dragons, Wizards, Faeries, Goddesses, Witches

Angels Around Us Angel of Teaching, Angel Collection

Legends Studios by Starlite Originals

Kittys Critters, Frogs, Geckos, Kitty Cantrell



Legends Studios, Starlite Originals

Kitty's Critters by Starlite Originals

On Line Catalogs

Dragonsite, FairySite Fantasy by Munro Collectables

Angels Around Us by Munro

Syrens Of The Sea, Mermaids by Nene Thomas, Jessica Galbreth, Christine Bowman Classics, Faerie Glen, Faerie Glen, Woodland Series, Collection by Munro Collectables Disney Collection by Disney, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan ,Tinker Bell by Ruben Procopio, Starlite Originals Genesis, Studios, Starlite Originals , Surfacing, Whales, gray whales, Kitty Cantrell, Starlite Studios Sculptures, Figurines, Nautical, Marine, Sea Life collections

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  * Angels Around US
African Culture by Thomas Blackshear
Disney by Legends
Dragonsite, Fairy Site Figurines
Ebony Vision, Thomas Blackshear
Faerie Glen Fairy Figurines
Forchino Comic Art
Genesis Studios Sculptures
Krystonia by Panton
Kitty's Critters by Legends
Legends Studios, Starlite Originals
Lord of the Rings / Tolkien
Mill Creek Studios Sculpture
Phoenix Fantasy Pewter
Phoenix Miniatures
Primal Visions
  * Rawcliffe Fantasy Pewter
Syrens Of The Sea
Windstone Editions Fantasy

 Mermaids, Jessica Galbreth,Christine Bowman 

Faerie Glen, Classics Series, Fairie Collection

Disney Collection Tinker Bell, Peter Pan

Nautical, Marine, Sea Life collections

 Faerie Glen

Disney by Legends Starlite Studios

Starlite Originals Sculpture, Starlite Studios

Syrens Of The Sea

Lenox Corporation

Windstone Editions

Hope, African Culture by Thomas Blackshear, Legends Studios Gallery Collections, Starlite

Free Shipping for Orders $100.00 & over.

Ebony Visions by Thomas Blackshear The 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama Windstone Editions  Dragons & Wizards by M. Pena

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African Culture, Thomas Blackshear

Ebony Visions, Lady Peacock by Thomas Blackshear

Windstone Editions Dragons & Wizards

Blackshear By Legends Starlite Studios

Windstone Editions by M. Pena

Ebony Visions by Thomas Blackshear

Rawcliffe Pewter Studios Collections

Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit from Tolkien by Rawcliffe Pewter
Rawcliffe Studios Pewter  Fantasy Figurines

Mill Creek Studios


Mill Creek Studios, Wildlife Sculptures Krystonia figures, Figurines, Dragons, Wizards by Panton Studios

Armiks Retired & Sold Out Introduction

  * Anna Perenna, Casasola
Belle Haven, Perth Pewter new
Bearfoot Bears by Marty
Chilmark Pewter Studios
Disney by Robert Olszewski
Duncan Royale
Enchantica by Royal Doulton
Gallo Pewter
Ganz, Cheesers, Pigsville
Greenwich Workshop
Herd by Marty Sculpture
Hudson Creek Fantasy Pewter
Hudson Pewter Villagers
Hudson Creek Disney Pewter
Hudson Creek Disney Miniatures
J. H. Boone & Neil Rose
Kaiser porcelain
Looney Tunes by Rawcliffe
Ozz Franca lithographs
Phoenix Models, Kits
Somerset House Fine Art
  * Starfleet Wars, Perth Pewter
Star Wars by Rawcliffe Pewter
Star Wars Episodes Pewter
Rawcliffe Pewter Classics
Star Trek by Rawcliffe Pewter
Willitts Disney Film, Motion Cels

Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit from Tolkien.

Rawcliffe Studios Pewter  Fantasy Figurines

Mill Creek Studios, Wildlife, American Indian Sculptures.

Krystonia, Fantasy Dragons & Wizards

Figurines from Rawcliffe Pewter

Rawcliffe Pewter Studios Figurines

Mill Creek Studios Sculptures

Krystonia by Panton

Rawcliffe Pewter Fantasy Collections

Pheonix Pewter &

Pewter Accesories by Rawcliffe Pewter Rawcliffe Studios Fantasy Pewter Collectons. Carousels & Train Stations

 Pewter Miniatures

Pheonix Pewter by Karas Rocha

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Rawcliffe Pewter Candlelamps, Fantasy Boxes, Magic Wands.

Rawcliffe Pewter Fantasy Train, Fantasy Carousel

Guest Book

Rawcliffe Pewter Collections

Phoenix Fantasy Pewter

Rawcliffe Pewter

Phoenix Pewter by Karas Rocha

  Guillermo Forchino

  * 'Nearing Sell-out'.i

Guillermo Forchino, Shelby Cobra, classic American muscle car , The Comic Art Of Guillermo Forchino from the Guillermo Forchino Comic Art Collection

Availabilities will be Subject to Stock On Hand.

Chilmark Pewter, Western Art,  of Hudson Creek Pewter Studios Get Your Motor Running, by Hudson Creek Disney Pewter

Shelby Cobra, classic American muscle car

Guillermo Forchino Comic Art

From Days Past, Martin Greele, Somerset House Studios Fine Art Star Wars Pewter Ships & Figurines by Rawcliffe Pewter

Western, Indian, Civil War figorines by Chilmark Pewter

Disney, Hudson Creek, Chilmark Pewter,Mickey

Hudson Creek Pewter

Chilmark Pewter Studios

Primal Visions by Kitty Cantrell, Primal Visions Collection By Starlitecreations

Martin Greele, Somerset Fine Art

Star Wars Classic & Episodes Ships & Figurines.

Star Wars by Rawcliffe Pewter

Somerset House Fine Wall Art

Primal Visions Collection By Starlitecreations

Star Wars Episodes Pewter

Martin Greele, Somerset House

Primal Visions by Kitty Cantrell

Below is also a list of only some of the more prestigious and well known artists of our time.  Their work  will be featured on this site, many of whom  we have supported from their earliest days within the fine art community.

As an 'In Store Dealer' the following is only a few of the studios we hold in order to offer you a wide range of services and benefits extending from artist appearances to complete collector club activities:

  • Preferred Dealer for the: Mill Creek Studios, AKA: Mill Creek Sculptures, Village Life Africa, Maasai by Stacy Bayne
  • Gold Collector Center and redemption Dealer for: Enchantica, Royale Doulton Studios porcelain fantasy wizards, dragons.
  • Wizards Council Dealer and redemption center for: Krystonia wizards & dragons figurines.
  • A Dealer for the: Greenwich Workshop.
  • Disney Classics by the Robert Olszewski Studios.
  • Disney Showcase Dealer for:  Hudson Creek Pewter studios and Chilmark, Lance Pewter .
  • Collector Club Center Dealer for: The Elephant Herd by Marty. AKA, Marty Sculpture.
  • Ebony Visions Circle Dealer for: Ebony Visions, Thomas Blacksher Collection.
  • Forchino Comic Art by Forchino studios.
  • Authorized Dealer for Starlite Originals. AKA Legends Studios & Genesis Studios.
  • Master Showcase Dealer for: Chilmark Studios.
  • After market Dealer for: Hudson Creek Studios Disney Showcase.
  • Martin Greele, Somerset House, Somerset Fine Art.
  • Stephen Herrero, Randall Reading, Joseph Slockbower and Danny Edwards of the Mill Creek Studios.  AKA: Mill Creek Wildlife Sculpture and Village Life Africa, Maasai by Stacy Bayne.
  • Andrew Bill, Craig Davison and James Brierley of Enchantica dragons & wizards.
  • Francis Barnum, Andrew Chernak and Lawrence Heyda of the Chilmark Studios Civil War Pewter Collection.
  • Don Poland of the Chilmark Studios Western Art & Native American Indian Collections.
  • Christopher Pardell, Kitty Cantrell and Dan Medina of the Legends Studios and Genesis Studios.
  • Martha Carey of  Marty Sculpture featuring Marty Elephants and Bearfoot Bears Collection.
  • Thomas Blackshear of Ebony Visions.
  • Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino .
  • David Woodard of the Krystonia Studios by Panton Collectibles.
  • Martin Greele, Somerset House, Somerset Fine Wall Art.
  • Robert Olszewski of the Disney Classics Robert Olszewski Studios.
  • Anna Perenna, Casasola Made in Barcelona Spain by Jose Luis De Casasola.
  • Ganz, Little Cheesers, Pigsville, Cowtown & Grandma's Attic Figurines, Miniatures, Figurines of Pigs, cowes, fox & Teddy bear. Cowtown Christmas. Cowtown Santa Cows, Cowtown Christmas Ornaments, Cowtown Christmas Figurines.
  • Syrens Of The Sea, Mermaids by Nene Thomas, Jessica Galbreth,Christine Bowman
  • Phoenix Models Developments LTD. World of Miniatures. Produced by Pegasus Publications, includes, Nudes, Phoenix "Phantasy", The Phoenix "Phollies", The Lost world of Atlantis. Producers of Miniature Historic Figures & Scale Models.

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