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This file contains every Hudson Creek Pewter available in our Inventory for Villagers, Disney & fantasy items. There is no need to call and inquiry about any other items not shown in this file.

Little Kingdom, Castle, Hudson Creek, Fantasy Pewter Figurines, statues

Little Kingdom-Castle

1 3/4" h. 


$ 45.00

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Hudson Creek Fantasy Pewter figurines

Radical Dude

2 1/4" h. 


$ 25.00

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Stable Display, Hudson Creek, Fantasy Pewter Figurines, statues

Stable Display Only

1 3/4" h. 


$ 20.00

Hudson Creek Pewter, Disney Figurines, Disney Miniatures, Mickey & Co. Hudson Creek Villagers & Fantasy. Fine Art collections sculptures, figures & figurines by Hudson Creek Pewter Studios, Chilmark Pewter, Lance Corp. Hudson Pewter was Made in USA.

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