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Disney Animated movie-”Frozen” Featuring Princess Anna and Queen Elsa

Lenox presents # 1 Disney Animated movie-"Frozen" Featuring Princess Anna and Queen Elsa

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2014 Lenox Disney Frozen Porcelain Ornament, 3.5" high, dated 2014, manufacturer gift box.

Hook, Line, Sinker

Mickey & Friends

Hook, Line, Sinker, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney

Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney

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Get Your Motor Running, by Hudson Creek Disney Pewter

Disney Showcase by Hudson Creek Pewter Studios, Mickey and Company & Chilmark Pewter.

Hook, Line, Sinker, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney

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Over 9,000 Pages,

12,000 Items.

Made in USA In Fine Pewter & MetalArt

Fantasy Art:

Get Your Motor Runnin

Hook, Line, Sinker

This 'Product Line' is out of Production.

  * Dragonsite, FairySite
Forchino Comic Art
Gallo Pewter
Ganz, Cheesers, Pigsville
Greenwich Workshop
Hudson Creek Disney
Hudson Creek Miniatures
Olszewski Disney
Perth Pewter
Phoenix Pewter
Phoenix Miniatures
Rawcliffe Pewter
Rawcliffe Collection
Windstone Editions

Two Wheeling

Mickey and Friends

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Trimming the Tree,  by Hudson Creek Disney Pewter Holiday Harmony, by Hudson Creek Disney Pewter

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 Made in USA.

 Made in USA.

Disney Single Editions

Trimming the Tree

Holiday Harmony

Disney Miniatures

Hudson Creek Disney Holiday Collections

Hudson Creek, Disney Pewter, Sorcerers Apprentice Mickey, Fantasia Surprise Santa, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney Puttin’ on the Ritz, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney
The Duck-MA, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney
Just Goofy, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney

Goofys Carousel Ride

Disney Miniatures

Surprise Santa

Puttin' on the Ritz

The Duck-MA

Sorcerers Apprentice Mickey, Fantasia

Holiday Editions By Hudson Creek Pewter

Donald Duck

Science Fiction:

 * Starfleet Wars, Perth Pewter


Just Goofy, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney
California or Bust, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney

By Hudson Creek Pewter

Western / Wildlife:

Looking for Adventure,  by Hudson Creek Disney Pewter

 * Bearfoot Collection
Chilmark Pewter
Herd by Marty
Kaiser Porcelain
Kitty's Critters
Legends Studios
Mill Creek Studios
Ozz Franca lithographs
Primal Visions
 * Somerset House Fine Art

'Highway Hijinks'

Get Your Kicks, Hudson Creek Disney Pewter Coastal Cruising, Hudson Creek Disney Pewter Over the Top, Hudson Creek Disney Pewter

Just Goofy

California or Bust


Mickey and friends

3-pc. Collection Matched Numbered, Get Your Kicks, Coastal Cruising & Over the Top

Looking for Adventure

Mickey and the Gang!

Two Wheeling

By Hudson Creek Pewter

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Mickey Mouse by Hudson Pewter Disney Showcase
Sacred Ground Reclaimed, Chilmark Pewter Skeleton, Hudson Creek Pewter
First Date Bronze Edition, Hudson Creek, Pewter Disney
Hudson Creek, Disney Pewter, Mickey Key Ring

Black Art:

 * African Culture by Blackshear
Duncan Royale
Ebony Visions

Mickey Key Ring

Hudson Creek Disney Miniatures

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Chilmark Pewter

Hudson Pewter Fantasy Collection

Hudson Creek, Disney Keychains

First Date/Bronze

Western Art by Chilmark Pewter

Sweethearts Too

Two-Gun Mickey-1934

Skeleton, Fantasy Pewter

 Hudson Creek Pewter

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This file contains every Hudson Creek Pewter available in our Inventory for Villagers, Disney and fantasy items. There is no need to call and inquiry about any other items not shown in this file please.

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Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket, Disney Showcase by Crystal World

While Here, You May Wish to View these Other Fine Disney, Collection by Legends Studios, Disney Classics Collections by Robert Olszewski & Willitts Disney Cels.

Disney Classics, Story Time Miniatures by Robert Olszewski
Disney Classics, Story Time Miniatures by Robert Olszewski

 Olszewski Disney

 Olszewski Disney

Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket

 Pinocchio,The Little Donkey, Disney Classics, Story Time Miniatures by Robert Olszewski

Disney by Crystal World

Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket, Disney by Crystal World

 Olszewski Disney

 Prince Charming, Sealed with a Kiss, Snow White, Disney Classics, Story Time Miniatures by Robert Olszewski

Sadly after 25 years the Chilmark pewter line of fine figurines has finally come to a close. With the closure of the Hudson Creek Pewter Studios on January 4, 2000--this fine line of Civil War, Western, American Indian, Contemporary and Fantasy Art is gone and all items are now considered 'out of production'.
This may also bring to an end the fine work of such artists as Frances Barnum,
Lowell Davis and Don Polland.

Begun in December, 1992 with the Introduction of "Cruising", the first in a three piece, 350 set collection, Disney MetalArt exploded on to the scene and has never looked back.

 Issued by the former Lance Corp--today the Hudson Creek Studios of Massachusetts, under license to Disney, this legacy of small collections with low limited edition strike points continues forward with the October, 1999 release of "Gonne Fishing". Again the first release in a new three piece, 500 set collection.

Initially the release of "Cruising" was something of a curiosity within the industry however, with the rapid Sell-out of this item, approximately six weeks and the subsequent entry of "Cruising" into the after-market, well before the release of the second edition within the collection, "Sunday Drive", July, 1993,  MetalArt Disney rapidly became a very serious business indeed. And one of the key points to the success of this line was in its maker's decision, to strongly support a matched numbered collection program which works extremely well and has strongly supported the rarity and value of these collections over the years.

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