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Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collections

Fiddlin Wizard, Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones
Toe Tappin Wizard, Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones

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Fiddlin Wizard

Toe Tappin Wizard

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Order#  1046-GAL

Order#  1048-GAL

Appr. 2" x 1.3"

Appr. 2" x 1.5"



Rocky Dragon, Gallo Pewter Sculptures fantasy collectiones Castle Keep, Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones

Oops! The Frog Wizard, Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones
Knights Wanted, Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones

Castle Keep

Order# 9664 -GAL

Rocky Dragon

Appr. 1" X 0.5"

Appr. 4.5" h. x 4.5"w


Order# 9068-GAL


Oops! The Frog Wizard

Knights Wanted

Order#  9091-GAL

Order# 9312 -GAL

Appr. 1.8 x  2"

Appr. 1 3/4" X 1 3/4" 

$ 29.95


Review Cart

Review Cart

Lady of the Lake, Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones

Lady of the Lake

Order#  7855-GAL

Appr. 4 1/4" h.


Hecate The Witch, Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones

Hecate The Witch

Order#  9022-GAL

Appr. 2" x 1 1/4"


Wise Wizard, Gallo Pewter Sculptures fantasy collectiones

Wise Wizard

Order#  7305-GAL

Appr. 2 1/4" h.


SERPENT DRAGON Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones

Serpent Dragon

Order# 9205 -GAL

Appr. 2.5 X 1 3/4"


Gilded Excalibur, Gallo Pewter Fantasy Collectiones

Gilded Excalibur

Order#  240-GAL

Appr. 4" h.


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