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Finally, A Gift For Men!

Award winning giftware company Willitts Designs, today announced that the Company has been awarded a multi-year license agreement to develop and distribute reduced scale reproductions of the original sculptures of European artist Guillermo Forchino. The new Collection, The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino, features an eclectic range of multi-media automobiles, planes and motorcycles each embellished with the artist's clever sense of humor and strong satirical wit. Every vehicle features one or more bizarre characters, spirited and badly shaven, each of them wonderfully original. "Forchino's works are terrific statement pieces for the home as well as 'giftable artwork' for that hard to buy for man," says Daryn Reif, Brand Director for Willitts Designs.
This season's signature piece is the Jeep Militaire. A worldwide limited edition of 5000 pieces, the Jeep Militaire looks like it's been through a war! Its realistic comical features include a tire patched with gauze, the bumper tied on with twine, and a windshield riddled with bullet holes that folds down to better display the unruly group of military men packed inside.

Each Sculpture is individually hand numbered and wrapped in a unique Forchino newspaper. Enclosed in each package, a booklet with the Forchino autobiography and pictures of a selection of Forchino collection can be found. A unique and numbered certificate of authenticity completes each package.

Guillermo Forchino Comic Art Sculptures.

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