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"The Little Jewel" -
"Petit Bijou"
 The Little Jewel, Petit Bijou, The Comic Art Of Guillermo Forchino Sculptures.
Dimensions : 27.5 x 14 x 13 cm.
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The Little Jewel, Petit Bijou, The Comic Art Of Guillermo Forchino, Guillermo Forchino Sculptures from Forchino Collection

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The Little Jewel, Petit Bijou, The Comic Art Of Guillermo Forchino,  From the Forchino Collection.

From the Forchino Collection
The Little Jewel
As a salesman, Sante was an ace. He could sell refrigerators to Eskimos and shampoo to a bald person, he was proud of having sold sand to an Arab sheikh. Six months after opening his used cas business profits were booming. When he reached 50 years old, he decided to change is look. He dyed his hair and mustache black, a rich jet black, the manicurist did his hands and nails. He changed his wardrobe to checked vests, embroidered shirts and crocodiles shoes. Everything would have been great if it weren't for a few buyers who felt ripped off. One broke his tooth with a tremendous right cross. Dante wasn't even bothered and wentto the dentist to have a gold one put in its place. Now not only does he thinks he has a better smile, but has a lot more class too which makes him irresistible to women."

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