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Western Collection

"Bear Vision"
Collection by Ann McGrory
"The Seekers " Hidden Image Sculpture. Bear Vision, Chilmark Pewter Western Collection by Ann McGrory
14 3/4 " Heigh.
Limited to: 222/500 pc's.

Bear Vision Chilmark Pewter by Ann McGrory

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In these designs, the art literally embodies the visions sought by the Plains warriors. Throughout the sculpture are hidden images of bears, eagles and buffalo intricately woven into the subjects themselves. Ann McGrory has taken The Seekers a step beyond traditional sculpture with her innovative use of hidden images created within the composition.

Over thirty hidden images within Eagle Vision

Bear Vision Chilmark Pewter by Ann McGrory
Bear Vision Chilmark Pewter by Ann McGrory

The face in the bear hide headdress is duplicated in the necklace. In between each claw, McGrory has sculpted a bear face into the fur. The bearskin which drapes over the back of the warrior, has multiple images sculpted into the fur including this full figure near the base of the figure.

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