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Chilmark Civil War & Western Art Introduction

Phillip Sheridan, Chilmark Pewter, Civil War-set by Francis Barnum

"Philip Henry Sheridan"
 by Frances Barnum, Chilmark Pewter Studios Civil War, Western, American Indian Fine Art collections sculpture & statue.
9 5/8"h.
Limited to: 950 pc's.

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Philip Sheridan's combat career in the  Civil War began in May 1862  when he was appointed colonel of the 2nd Michigan cavalry. After taking part in the Union victory at the Battle of Boonesville in Mississippi, he was made a brigadier general and given a division in the Army of Ohio. He distinguished himself time and again on the battlefield: Perryville, Stone's River, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. In April of 1864 Grant gave Sheridan command of all the cavalry of the Army of the Potomac.
From August 1864 to early 1865 Sheridan was engaged in his most famous wartime operation, his Shenandoah Valley Campaign.  It was during this campaign, as the Union began to retreat in 1864, that Sheridan made his famous ride to Cedar Creek which became one of the legendary moments of the war.

 "God damn you, don't you cheer me! If you love your country, come up to the front. There's lots of fight in you men yet!" As Sheridan rode on, his men picked up their rifles and headed back to the front. The battle of Cedar Creek ended   Jubal Early's power in the Shenandoah, putting the Union army closer to final Victory.
Philip Sheridan is remembered as a brilliant tactician, a formidable warrior and by far, the greatest cavalry commander produced by the Union during the Civil War.

Phillip Sheridan, Chilmark Pewter, Civil War-set by Francis Barnum

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