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Chilmark Civil War & Western Art Introduction

Nathan Bedford Forest, Chilmark Pewter, Civil War-set by Francis Barnum

Nathan Bedford Forest, Chilmark Pewter, Civil War-set by Francis Barnum

"Nathan Bedford Forrest"
 by Frances Barnum, Chilmark Pewter Studios Civil War, Western, American Indian Fine Art collections sculpture & statue.
10 1/4"h. 
Limited to: 950 pc's.

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As a Tennessee businessman with little education and no previous military training, Nathan Bedford Forrest answered the call to fight for the Confederacy at the rank of private in June 1861. By February 1862, he had command of troops at Fort Donelson and merely three years later emerged from the Civil War at the rank of lieutenant general. Many amateurs led men during the war, but only Forrest became a soldier of true genius.
A British military historian summed Forrest up in these words: "Forrest had no knowledge of military history to teach him how he should act, what objective he should aim at, and what plans he should make to secure it. He was entirely ignorant of what other generals in previous wars had done under similar circumstances. What he lacked in book-lore was to a large extent compensated for by the soundness of his judgment upon all great occasions, and by his power of thinking and reasoning with great rapidity under fire. Inspired with true military instincts, he was verily nature's soldier."

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