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"General Robert E. Lee, CSA"
 by Frances Barnum, Chilmark Pewter Studios Civil War, Western, American Indian Fine Art collections sculpture & statue.
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Robert E. Lee, Chilmark Pewter, Civil War

Robert E. Lee

As the southern states began to secede early in 1861, Robert E. Lee, considered to be the most qualified man in the US army, was offered the command of all the Union forces. Few men have ever had to answer the agonizing question of ambition versus loyalty that Lee faced.
 Despite personal objections to both slavery and secession, Lee declined the appointment. Thus when his home state of Virginia seceded he felt obliged to resign his commission, saying "I struggle to separate myself from a service to which I have devoted all the best years of my life. Save in defense of my native state, I never desire again to draw my sword."
Not long after, when it became clear that Virginia would surely become a battleground in this conflict, he accepted a general's commission in the new Confederate army. Just thirteen months

General Robert E. Lee Chilmark Civil War, Frances Barnum

later, in May 1862, Robert E. Lee, age 55, took command of the Army of Northern Virginia, and wrote it into military history with a brilliant series of victories. Time and time again, it was the power of Lee's personality and leadership that led his men to victory against the better-fed, better-equipped and outnumbering enemy. There may always be a debate as to who really was the greatest general of the Civil War, but there is no question that no other Civil War commander ever attained the near-mythic stature conferred on Robert E. Lee.

General Robert E. Lee Chilmark Civil War, Pewter collectiones by Frances Barnum.

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