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Amore Dolphines by Dan Medina Collections Starlite Studios

Genesis, Starlite Studios

Playful Motion, Otters by Kitty Cantrell, Genesis, Starlite Studios Starlite Originals sculptures & statue, sea life, wildlife collections.

 A Maker of Fine Art Sculpture from Starlite Originals, founder of the Legends Studios.

Speciallizing in Hand-Crafted Wildlife & Nautical, Sea Life,Marine Statuary


Playful Motion

Dolphines by Dan Medina

Featuring: Dan Medina, Kitty Cantrell, Christopher Pardell.

Otters by Kitty Cantrell

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Splish Splash Dolphin by Kitty Cantrell, Genesis Studios
Dolphin Domain by Dan Medina, Genesis Studios

Genesis Collection

Into The Blue, Whales by Dan Medina, Genesis, Starlite Studios, sculpture
Symphony, Dolphins by Dan Medina, Genesis, Legends Studios

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Splish Splash

Dolphin Domain

Nearing Sell-out

Nearing Sell-out

The Creative Process

by Kitty Cantrell

 by Dan Medina

Into The Blue


Whales  by Dan Medina

Dolphins by Dan Medina

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Legends, Starlite Studios

A Mother's Love, Brown Bear, Mom and Cubs by Kitty Cantrell, Legends Wildlife Collection.

Protecting The Innocent, Dolphins by Tim Rush, Mark Hopkins Studios Bronze

This file will also include various works & designs of: Native American Indians, eagles, wolves, angels and other wildlife & heraldic works of art. Starlitecreations

Legends Studios from Starlite

Kitty's Critters-retiring

By Artist Kitty Cantrell of Starlite Originals

Lolita In Porcelon by Kitty Cantrell of Kitty’s Critters

Kitty's Critters by Starlite Studios

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Spotty, green frog by Kitty Cantrell of Kitty’s Critters

Kitty's Critters by Starlite Studios

Well established Legends Studios artists such as: Kitty Cantrell, Chris Pardel and Dan Medina, Genesis Studios quickly grew to it's own heights with it's introduction of new techniques for the embedding of Mixed Media sculptures --pewter, bronze & marble within exceptionally durable lucites and acrylics, thus effecting a state of 'Living Life and Movement' to statuary never experienced before. Starlite Originals from Starlite Studio
Innovators in Mixed Media®, Lucite®.
These pieces not only allow for the collecting of some fine and well valued works of art, they also make for some of the most beautiful home decor items available. And due to their reasonable pricing for many items, they also allow for the giving of magnificent gifts for that special occasion.

Armik's Fine Collectables is an Authorized Dealer for Genesis Studios line of Fine Art Sea life Sculptures from Starlite Originals.

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