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Genesis: The Creative Process!

Starlite Originals is completely equipped to produce all types of 3-dimensional products, from limited edition specialty items to high  volume mass merchandise. Starlite is also a manufacturer for private labels, and has an impressive list of client references.

Metal Embedment Acrylic Sculpture Process: The original sculpture is created in wax, plasticine or clay by the artist and delivered to the foundry. There are at least three forms that the artist can now determine the sculpture take… the figure can be cast in metal or acrylic, it can be suspended/embedded in an acrylic block, it can be cast as a "negative" cavity within the acrylic block or combinations of these forms can be made. When casting with acrylic, in addition to sculpting the figure, the case or block must also be designed and sculpted. It is important to realize that the light and the reflective/refractive qualities of the acrylic must be considered in this creative process.
The acrylic (Lucite®) raw material is very expensive, but very durable and optically perfect. This material has many industrial and military applications… it is used for "bullet- proof" glass. It can be damaged if placed too near a heat source (like a display halogen light) or cleaned with some chemicals (the foundry recommends using mild dish soap and water). It will withstand the elements (sun and weather) without "yellowing" or "clouding" and the surface (if scratched) can be easily re-polished.

The optic clarity of the acrylic adds an additional challenge to the casting process, as any little speck of dust, hair, or fiber that gets into the material will be seen in the finished piece. Therefore all of the acrylic casting must be done in a positive air pressure "clean-room" in "clean-suits", similar to those used in the computer or space industry For the embedment process, master molds are manufactured for both the figure and the case. The figure to be imbedded is first cast, assembled and finished as a complete metal or acrylic sculpture. The mold for the case is created with a proprietary process, which is similar to the lost wax method in the Bronze casting process.

The filled mold is then stacked in a large autoclave (comprehensive pressure chamber) and "cooked" under high pressure  for a long period of time. The autoclave compresses all the air bubbles in the acrylic and high heat is generated in this process. The autoclave is then allowed to gradually return to normal temperature and pressure. The acrylic casting must now go through a very labor intense wet sanding, polishing, and sandblasting process, which brings the "glass-like" quality to the sculpture. In the final production step, the foundry's Quality Control inspectors place each finished sculpture under bright halogen lights to look for imperfections . . . if any are found, the Sculpture is "destroyed", as there is no way to salvage or reverse the process!

 Starlite's unique process of metal embedment into acrylic is also offered to private label/OEM customers. Private Label/OEM Production Division In our Los Angeles facility we cast and finish bronze, mixed media metals, acrylic, acrylic with metal embedment, and resin. Our Asian affiliate adds to the array with production facilities for porcelain, wood, and resin objects and has large volume capacity.

Starlite Originals, sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, Dan Medina, Christopher Pardell, Genesis Starlite Studios, Starlite Originals Sea Life, Wildlife Nautical, Marine Statuary, Sculptures & Figurines by Starlite Originals and Genesis.

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